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About Sunshine Minerals USA

Sunshine Minerals USA makes logistics exciting, enabling global shipment, insurance, and sales of precious minerals and gold mined by experts at Sunshine Minerals LTD in Kenya. With our adept team, we'll handle all the nitty-gritty details of transporting these valuable resources, including nails-biting struggles with shipping, taxes, and sales. 

When investing in gold with Sunshine Minerals, you're doing more than trading commodities. You're supporting responsible mining, innovative financial management, and our commitment to uplifting communities. With our meticulous capital allocation, you can trust us to transform your investment into authentic value. While gold is our principal product, our relationships are the true gems.

Our never-ending supply chain of gold is sourced from East African communities and neighboring nations. We have direct access to sustainable and scalable production, thanks to our unique indigenous relationships and legacy. But we don't just stop there. We prioritize your needs, providing access to ground-level production at reasonable rates of return to match market demand. 

Registration and Licenses

Sunshine Minerals USA works with Sunshine Minerals LTD based in Kenya. Sunshine Minerals USA is registered and licensed as an exporter and mineral seller.

Legacy Relationships & Heritage.

Sunshine Minerals USA works with Sunshine Minerals LTD based in Kenya. 

Sunshine Minerals LTD has been in mining and gold procurement for generations.

In conjunction with disciplined support staff and logistics, Sunshine is capable of scaled activities within its core business.


Sunshine's management, employees, and representatives are responsible stewards of the indigenous partnerships in which we operate.

The core bodies entrusted to indigenous partners and host communities are paramount in the sustainability of our activities.

Responsibility Matters

At Sunshine, our social conduct is critical for us to maintain a social license to operate.


The health of our community of partners and families is central to our continued success.

Core Values

Sunshine Minerals is guided by five core values: safety, integrity, sustainability, inclusion, and responsibility. With more than 5 years of history in the mining industry, Sunshine is one of the Eastern African Communities top gold producers.

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