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Sunshine Minerals LTD Kenya is our invaluable partner in the world of mineral production. With extensive knowledge and experience, our company has forged strong relationships with producers, such as Sunshine Minerals LTD, throughout East Africa and surrounding countries to actively finance their downstream activities. We are proud to offer expertise that can help them succeed on a global scale!



At Sunshine Minerals, we specialize in making lucrative trades from the sale of gold to generate dynamic revenue growth for our clients.

What We Do


Sunshine Minerals USA is in the logistics business, supporting the worldwide shipment, insurance, and sales processing of minerals and gold mined and processed by our esteemed counterparts at Sunshine Minerals LTD in Kenya. Count on our expert team to manage the complex logistics involved in transporting these precious natural resources, including smooth sailing with shipping, taxes, and sales.

Exclusive Strategic Partnership


We are proud to partner with Sunshine Minerals LTD, a well-established name in the Mining and Minerals industry in Kenya for many decades.Sunshine Minerals LTD is a company dedicated to mining and selling precious minerals and gemstones from Kenya and other East African nations. At Sunshine Minerals USA, we work with Sunshine Minerals LTD to safely transport and sell these precious materials worldwide, from bustling cities like the United States to exotic places like Dubai. 

Mining Processing & Refining

At Sunshine Mineral USA, our ambition is to drive performance and foster innovation in order to create lasting revenue streams. To make this a reality, we strive towards achieving lofty goals while relying on external experts such as Sunshine Minerals LTD Kenya, for specialized processes such as refining the gold that enters into our system.

Strategic Partnership

Mining Processing & Refining Continued...

By partnering with Sunshine Minerals LTD Kenya, an indigenous mining and processing company in East African Community countries, Sunshine Minerals USA is able to provide a higher caliber of mineral products than industry standard. These relationships are rooted in their dedication to giving back by providing training programs for the local suppliers as well as procurement opportunities that ensure money circulates within the community. Click the link below to see one of our programs and procedures.

Step by Step Process Videos


Gold Planing

Verification & Quality Control

Sale of Product &

Financial Management 

Investing in gold with Sunshine Minerals USA is more than just a commodity trade. Our commitment to responsible financial management create innovative ways for our investors to generate revenue, while fostering positive sustained cash flow returns within the communities that we operate. We have an exclusive partnership with Sunshine Minerals LTD Kenya who are committed to responsible mining. We practice disciplined capital allocation towards excellence-- ensuring our stakeholders can rely on us as trusted resources of value creation through gold mining investments!

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